Grid Tied/On-Grid

On grid systems are the most common type of solar PV system. Grid-tied systems are connected to the electrical grid, and this allows residents of a building to use solar energy as well as electricity from the grid. Grid-tied systems do not need to produce 100% of the electricity demand for a home or business. When a home or business is using energy, but the solar panels aren’t producing enough energy (at night, or on a stormy day), electricity from the grid supplements or replaces electricity from the panels.¬†Living with a grid-tied solar PV system is no different than living with utility electricity, except that some or all of the electricity you use comes from the sun.


On-Grid Hybrid

On grid hybrid also known as grid tie with battery backup allows you to add battery backup with on grid system. You can set preference to solar or grid as per your requirement. Setting the solar to preference will allow you to use solar energy in solar hours as well as backup (from batteries) at night. Energy from grid will only be used when the power from batteries (charged by solar) has been utilized and the solar hours are finished. Setting the grid to preference will allow you to use grid electricity while you can shift to solar in outage hours (in case of load shedding) in day time (solar hours) and to batteries at night. Batteries can be charged by both solar and grid electricity.


Off grid systems are independent from grid and are mostly used in remote locations. They provide energy to loads through solar in solar hours. To provide electricity to loads when solar is out in cloudy conditions or at night, you can use a battery backup which is charged by solar in solar hours to power the load.


Off-Grid Hybrid

Off grid hybrid systems allow you to use solar system with one or more than one alternative source which can be generator or any other power source. In case the solar is down due to cloudy conditions or at night time, you can use the alternate source to charge the batteries, to supply power to the load or both. This system is the best one used in the batteries with supplies.