Our Company

Our Mission

We commit ourselves to the mission of providing cutting edge technology and economical Green Energy Solutions, facilitate people in becoming self-reliant, self-sufficient, energy efficient and liberate our communities from ever-increasing energy bills and crises. Our main objective is to ensure continued growth by delivering high-quality products within the specified deadline. We maintain close business relations with our customers by bringing them the appropriate solutions that truly fulfil their needs.

We are committed to define and create innovative Smart Energy Solutions with candid and timely service, providing you with advice based on the latest market trends, allowing you to feel more confident in your purchasing decisions.

Waqqar Ahad
Photon Energy Solutions


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a diversified smart energy portfolio with long-term increased profits and significant growth opportunities. PES will be among the leaders in developing high quality and environmentally sustainable products, services and solutions and cost effective Eco Green Energy Systems.

Photon Energy


• We deliver premium value to our customers at a fair price
• We stand by our values and meet our commitments
• We are committed to provide best After Sales Services
• We expect to be fairly rewarded for our efforts
• We are committed to innovation and the long term viability of this industry
• We hire competent people with high integrity

Why Choose Photon Energy Solutions?

Here is what makes us different in Energy Efficient Systems
Unlike most of our competitors, we are not manufacturers. That’s why our technology neutral approach enables us to find the best Energy solutions for your needs.
Our people are passionate about energy solutions. It’s this passion that drives us to continually innovate and provide best-of-class thought leadership in the solar industry.
Unique Premium quality by Photon Energy Solutions
Quality and safety are our top priorities. Photon Energy Solutions only incorporates products into its portfolio if they have successfully undergone and passed extensive quality standards. We are active all around the world ensuring our customers always enjoy the benefits of an excellent range of our innovative products. Although we offer variety of Energy Efficient products, they all have one thing in common – premium quality. We work exclusively with long-serving suppliers that comply with our strict quality criteria.

Products Approval Selection Process
The product approval Selection process includes:

• Examining technical aspects (such as electrical and mechanical properties)
• Obtaining and assessing all certifications
• Short- and long-term tests on resilience and efficiency in diffuse light
• Reviewing system costs and system compatibility
• If required, electroluminescence measurement is conducted by

independent institutes

If the components meet our stringent quality stress test standards and also compatibility tests, only then they are added into our products line so that maximum yield and optimum system life is obtained.

Safety of Product

To ensure that products are completely safe, we don’t rely just on manufacturers’ quality assurances. A PES team of engineers and technicians performs stress tests on all products. Random samples of products by all manufacturers are tested for reliability and performance.