LED Lighting

LED bulbs or lights use LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) to produce light. These are more environmental friendly as compared to incandescent bulbs. They have started becoming more common since recent developments in their cost, efficiency and output which have made them viable for large scale lighting used in households, businesses and other environments.

Photon LED lights have become a brand in LED lighting. Photon Energy has provided its different products of LED’s to major architects and industries throughout the country. Its products include both interior and exterior fixtures. Photon LED lights are best in efficiency as they employ top-notch technology. Photon assembles the products in its own state of the art lab.

Possibilities of LED Lighting

LED in Retail

Shopping today has become an experience! People go shopping for different reasons, such as discovery, social interaction, recognition, responsibility and necessity. They might be driven by a different motivation each time they go and the setting in which they shop should reflect this.

Photon LED solutions are uniquely suited to retail outlets. They can provide a wide range of effects that contribute to the total shopping experience and allow you to set the right scene for every occasion. LED solutions can highlight a product, create drama and interest, but can also reflect mood, helping create the perfect environment for the shopping experience. We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life in your store with the power of light.


LED in Offices

The world of offices and people’s working lives are rapidly changing. LED lighting offers great support for these changes: freedom of shape and design, use of colors, dynamic effects in intensity and direction, and creating spaces for enhanced people comfort and wellbeing. On top of this, LED brings great energy saving, especially when combined with lighting controls.

Photon Energy Solutions Lighting can help you in your assessment to switch to LED lighting to make the best choice for your office space, to make you benefit from significant energy saving and create a better place to work.

LED in Industry

Huge industrial sites with their vast size and 24/7 operations surely consume an equally huge amount of energy for lighting. And the super high ceilings make maintenance or lamp replacement very costly as well – especially, if the processes need to stop for the maintenance. However, our latest innovation in Industry-focused LED solutions can help you overcome these challenges.

Our LED solutions are designed to significantly reduce the energy consumption without compromising the light level and greatly extend the lifetime, eliminating frequent lamp replacement. You can make your industrial operations much more sustainable and cost-effective with our latest LED innovations.


LED in Hospitality

The Hospitality industry is one of the sectors with the largest energy savings potential. Today, LED technology holds tremendous potential to conserve energy on a global scale. LED lamps set new standards in watts consumed per square metre, especially combined with lighting controls.

We can help you make the switch to LED easier than you could possibly imagine, enhancing life and ambience in your hotel, bar or restaurant with the power of light. We will help you create a complete new lighting experience for you and your guests.

LED for Outdoor Spaces

LEDs provide an unparalleled way of illuminating our urban environment in an exciting and practical manner. They are highly adaptable, allowing designers to move away from the static lighting of the past and venture into creating flexible ambiences that could, for example, change with the weather or the season, and  provide an extra festive color on public holidays. And all this with energy consumption that is only a fraction of conventional lighting techniques.


LED in Healthcare

People who have to stay in the hospital often feel anxious, and many times not at ease. This could make examination processes more difficult and time consuming. LED lighting can create more colorful and soft ambiences that makes the environment seem less clinical and more human, which is beneficial for both how people feel and for the quality and speed of the diagnosis process. In addition to this, LED lighting offers a significant energy saving potential, especially for corridors and general spaces in the hospital.

LED lighting can change the atmosphere in diagnosis areas and patient rooms, improving the hospital life for both patients and staff. The energy saving potential is great, reducing the operational cost of the hospital. PES Lighting is positioned best to support you in making your LED Lighting choices.