LED Panel Light

PES LED Panel Light is designed to replace the conventional fluorescent unit fitted ceiling lights with additive aesthetic and light uniformity. LED Panel Lights use far less energy consumption and last much longer. The advance thermal management system ensures maximum lumen persistence and consistent color temperature.


Power: 6W/ 12W/ 36W
Input: AC100-256V
Current: 320 mA
Chip Brand: Epistar
CRI: >80
Color: White/ Warm
Light Intensity: 100-200 lm/W
Lighting Angle: 120
Power Factor: >0.9
Warranty: 2 Years

Technical Specifications
⦁ Average Life: 50000 Hours
⦁ Color Rendering Index: >=80
⦁ Excellent Heat Efficiency
⦁ High Energy Efficiency
⦁ High PF and Low THD LED Driver

Product Features
⦁ Patented heat sink and optical diffuser, longer life than incandescent and fluorescent lighting
⦁ Shock resistant design made from a high hardness resin instead of tungsten glass
⦁ All sides are lined with LED to make optimal illumination
⦁ Soft, Anti-Glare and Wide Angle deflection providing even light distribution
⦁ High light output at a reduced energy consumption of up to 66%
⦁ Ultra slim design with availability of various dimensions
⦁ Independent LED circuit prevents complete blackout in case an LED fails
⦁ High efficiency constant current drive system, with heat protection system
⦁ Works well under unstable voltage

⦁ Shopping Malls
⦁ Corporate Offices
⦁ Residential Areas
⦁ Hospitals
⦁ Auditoriums