LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light

PES LED tube lights are more efficient and long lasting than conventional fluorescent tubes. Its unique design creates a perfectly uniform visual appearance which cannot be distinguished from traditional fluorescent light. For those that are looking for value for money within limited budget and re-lamping efforts, this is a perfect choice for superior lighting effect and prolonged lifetime.


Power: 9Watts/ 18Watts
Input: AC110-227V
Current: 320 mA
Chip Brand: Epistar
CRI: >80
Color: White/ Warm
Light Intensity: 120-130 lm/W
Lighting Angle: 120
Power Factor: >0.9
Warranty: 2 Years

Technical Specifications
⦁ Average Life: 50000 Hours
⦁ Color Rendering Index: >=80
⦁ Excellent Heat Dissipation
⦁ High Energy Efficiency
⦁ High PF and Low THD LED Driver

⦁ Shopping Malls
⦁ Corporate Offices
⦁ Residential Areas
⦁ Industrial Sector

Product Features
⦁ Highest lumens output in LED market
⦁ High transmittance acrylic cover thus minimizing luminosity loss
⦁ LM-79 Certified (Approved method to measure flux, electrical power, efficacy lm/watt and chromaticity)
⦁ LM-80 Certified (Approved method of measuring lumen depreciation)
⦁ No humming noise as compared to ordinary fluorescent tube light
⦁ Minimum maintenance cost
⦁ Works directly without starter and ballast which wastes about 30-40% power
⦁ High grade Extruded Aluminum PCB assures maximum heat dissipation thus prolonging LED life
⦁ LED tube light could save more than 70% electricity with long time lifespan and minimum degradation
⦁ Quick and easy installation to minimize retrofit costs
⦁ Wide light projection angle, dustproof and best insulation thus preventing electricity leakage