COB Down Light

PES introduces its innovative COB downlight in indoor lighting series. Its integrated fixture design can easily replace all the traditional downlight lamps. We assure premium quality and higher lighting efficiency for residential and commercial solutions.                                                                         Untitled

Power: 5Watts/ 10Watts
Chip Brand: Epistar
Color Temp: White/ Warm
Light Intensity: 100-200 lm/W
Warranty: 2 Years
Cutout Size: 75mm/ 98mm

Technical Specifications
⦁ Average Life: 50000 Hrs
⦁ Color Rendering Index >=80
⦁ Excellent Heat Dissipation
⦁ High Energy Efficiency
⦁ High PF and Low THD LED Driver

Product Features
⦁ FW COB downlight replaces 18W CFL and 35W Halogen lamp
⦁ 10W COB downlight replaces 26W CFL and 35W Halogen Lamp
⦁ Designed with international standards, easy for low ceiling installation
⦁ Less heat generation
⦁ Non sensitive to on/off cycles
⦁ Stable luminous efficacy and color temperature
⦁ Excellent reflector and high transmittance glass
⦁ Die-cast aluminium lamp housing, good heat dissipation, improves

LED lamp life
⦁ Intuitive design
⦁ High quality with 2 years free warranty
⦁ Shopping Malls
⦁ Departmental Stores
⦁ Hotels and Restaurants
⦁ Corporate Offices
⦁ Residential Areas