Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Mono crystalline
These are made from single crystalline of solar silicon and possess better characteristics especially in hot weather conditions as compared to Poly Crystalline. Mono-crystalline silicon is the most efficient and produces the smallest solar cells, and therefore the smallest panels.

Poly Crystalline
Poly-crystalline (or Multi-Crystalline) silicon produces the next most efficient type of cells and are a popular choice.

Amorphous (or thin-film) uses the least amount of silicon and also produces the least efficient solar cells. This means thin film system take up more area than the other two. These are used in relatively smaller applications.

Monocrystalline and multi-crystalline work very well in bright cool conditions whereas amorphous (thin-film) silicon will be more efficient at higher temperatures. We generally recommend Mono crystalline or multi crystalline for large un-shaded roofs and amorphous panels for roofs with partial shading. We will not install solar panels on fully shaded roofs as regardless of the technology currently in use, a solar panel in full shade will only generate a small fraction of its rated capacity. Polycrystalline are a better choice when installing in Lahore or its surrounding areas considering the dusty and humidity in summer.