Residential Solar

Photon Energy Solutions provides the best quality solar solution for residential customers to facilitate them in energy crises and to make them energy independent. We provide solutions ranging from 500W to 10kW for residential customers. These solutions include on-grid hybrid and off-grid hybrid solar systems.

Solar electric panels glisten in the morning sunlight at the Octillo experimental power generating station in Tempe AZ. 2007-06-16.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar systems provided by Photon Energy Solutions are enhanced in efficiency, durability and performance. They are designed to boost your business by decreasing energy costs and providing energy independency. Solutions provided for the commercial include grid tie and on-grid hybrid.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting is alternative to conventional street lighting and uses LED lights to replace LPS, HPS or MH lights. It utilizes solar energy through solar panels installed on poles to save electricity from grid. Solar streets lights can be totally off-grid with battery backup or can be installed with grid to use solar energy stored in batteries as well as grid electricity. In both ways, it saves electricity costs and provides environment friendly, energy efficient and cost effective solution.
Solar energy from panels is stored in batteries at day time which lights up the LED lights at nights. The height of the pole can be from 15 to 22 ft. The system comprises of solar panels, LED street lights, LED light driver, battery bank and charge controller. Technological advancement in LED illumination provides multitude advancement over conventional incandescent lights.
The system is dependent upon following factors:

  • Availability of grid
  • Average local sunshine hours
  • Working time of the solar street lights during night
  • Backup days of the system during rainy days

The system can be used in residential areas, roads, parks and other places.


Solar Pumps

Pakistan being an agricultural country benefits a lot from its agricultural lands which are cultivated by hard working farmers throughout the country. Most of the land owners use tube wells to water their lands. Tube wells consume a lot of energy which adds up to the costs. It can easily be reduced by shifting to solar pumps which are powered by solar energy from solar panels. Solar pumps consume DC electric power from photovoltaic panels. Solar pumps consume less electricity and are ideal for using with solar system.
Conventional tube wells can also be converted to solar by using on grid solution. Tube well in day time, when there is sunlight available, uses power from solar panels to work while it turns to generator or grid electricity in hours when solar input is low. It reduces the system cost by saving electricity from grid or fuel consumption by generator at day time. Peak hours of solar irradiance in most sunny areas of Punjab, Sindh and KPK are 6.5 in summer and 4.5 in winters which makes it an average of 5.5 sun hours an year.
Its usage include irrigation, livestock watering as well as domestic watering pumping for homes, villages and medical clinics etc.